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Sixth Day of the Apocalypse - The Opening of the Door
~ God of Disillusion ~

Representing Annihilation.
The world is dieing. Unable to utter even a death cry, all mortal energy has been extinguished, allowing all pathetic forms of life to only watch, staring upwards, waiting breathlessly and hopelessly for your Flight. You cannot be opposed. You are that which brings destruction, madness, and chaos. But you yourself are calm, neutral, impassive nearly to the point of indifference. You keep a very tight grip on your emotions, letting nothing show through that you do not intend to. You recognize that your existence brings ruin, brings death without peace. And it is not that you even do not care - for you do, but you view that emotion as pointless. You are a natural leader, though others do not follow you out of fear, nor out of respect - they do so because once they meet you, they can see no other alternative other than yours. You do not ask to be worshipped, and you do not care if you're hated or loved. In your eyes, there is nothing left worth enjoying in life, though this knowledge brings not pain or anger - at most, you would give the thought only a quiet sigh. Having absolute confidence in your abilities, this does not make you arrogant, but only realistic, and your strength brings no comfort or peace to you. In a distant part of your soul, perhaps you once wished to have your fate be otherwise, to not be the one to spread disease and decay - but since this has always been so, you have become used to it. Even if you do not enjoy it, you would never think to question destiny, and allow it to run its course with only a small twinge of regret.

The world lies trembling and ill before you, and there you will walk as the true Lord of Death, God of Disillusion. You are the Awakening of Apocalypse, laying all to waste before you. Then you will scream away in a shower of burning rain, as you corrode the very earth itself, breaking it into pieces, preparing it for the Acceptance.

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