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Confident, powerful, tricky. Smug, confident to the point of arrogance, you have an innate leadership ability, and the desire to use it. Fiercely protective of those you deign to care for, you're also ruthless and would watch, unmoved or amused, at your enemies' fall. You have a natural charisma, and people see you as someone to look up to - even if they would rather not. You're very intelligent and brave, and very motivated towards getting what you want. Very motivated; once you decide you want something, you'll let nothing get in your way to obtain it. You become strongly torn, however, when what you want comes in conflict with your friends - unable to sacrifice them, and unable to change your pathway, it becomes impossible to move. However, you also possess a devil's luck at finding solutions to your problems. Some might say you're a bit of a cheater - but you know what's best for everyone anyway, don't you? You're also slightly unhinged, and may be a bit of a sadist.

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