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Cunning, intent, mocking. There is nothing that you care for more than yourself, and other people are only important so long as they are useful to you. Any protectiveness you could ever show anyone else would be entirely selfishly oriented. Very cold and ruthless, nothing matters more to you than accomplishing your ideals. However, you have something of a cruelly playful mind, and when you can be entertained as well as gain power... well, you’d not pass on the opportunity. You have a very devious, highly intelligent mind, if more than a bit warped. Very skilled at mindgames, you have a gift for causing terror and uncertainty in others. You adore mental trickery, but are surprisingly honorable otherwise. It’s no fun to win through blatant cheating (possessing very strong self-confidence leads one to not need to resort to outright falseness). Though it is enjoyable to see your enemies fall prey to fear and madness.... You have a very strong sadistic streak, and a highly twisted mind. You also have a very high tolerance to physical pain, and likely enjoy it on some level. An excellent actor, you’re good at pretending to be kinder, softer than you are - almost to the point of being a completely different person. Despite your cruel and heartless nature, you’re very patient, and do not let momentary setbacks get to you. After all, you are the darkness - you can never be destroyed.

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