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Serious, quiet, somber. There is nothing more important to you than family, and want nothing more than to feel accepted and loved by them. Even within a tight group, you often feel like an outsider, and it is difficult for you to imagine ever truly belonging anywhere. Even so, your loyalty is greater than anyone else’s - you would do absolutely anything for those you care for. Crime, murder, deceit - nothing would be beyond you if it was asked for. However, you are a just and honorable person when you have the choice, and would never use unnecessary force or cause harm to others under your own will. You can be hurt deeply when those you care about cause you to perform evil works, but to you anything can be sacrificed for the ones you love and serve. To them, you can be trusted implicitly, with anything, no matter how serious. You can push your own emotions aside for them, but have something of a lonely soul - never truly believing that you can be a part of that close circle that you adore.

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