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Eccentric, obsessive, cruel. You have something of a dual nature; you appear to be quite happy, cheerful, if rather eccentric and odd. However, you also have something of a dark, sadistic side, and are possibly more than a bit insane. Very confident, to the point of arrogance, you hide it well under the mask of a fool. Your cruel and happy sides are so often interchanged that no one is quite sure who exactly you are anymore. You care strongly for loved ones, and would be utterly devastated at their loss. This love, however, does not extend to other people, who are generally seen as tools and objects for your own amusement. But even this cruelty comes from despair and bitterness in your past, for you’re truly not a bad person - only a bit strange. You enjoy power, and have little hesitance in wielding it over others. You would also not hesitate to have an unfair advantage (one wouldn’t be so cruel as to call it flagrant /cheating/), over your enemies, because the end justifies the means, doesn’t it? You have something of an artistic flair, and a highly creative mind - so long as your despair and loneliness doesn’t overcome your other abilities, you should do fine....

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