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Spiteful, spoiled, angsty. Your existence has not been pleasant, and you’re more than willing to search for revenge for those who’ve wronged you - or you think have wronged you. Intelligent, but your temper often gets the better of you when you’re faced with a situation you have no control over, or if something goes in a different direction than what you had planned. Bitter towards the hardship in your life, you show little kindness to other people, seeking mainly to hurt, wanting to increase your standing in the world to make up for the perceived wrongs against you. However, under your rather cruel and selfish exterior, you care strongly for those who are loyal to you, and your family is a very important factor in your life - even if you’re a bit bitter towards the situation. Not truly malicious, you also seek to atone for any mistakes you’ve made, as determined to make up for any wrongs you yourself have committed. Though ruthless towards such goals, you can be regretful for your mistakes, and are something of a torn, struggled person. Revenge is not always the answer to all problems, and sometimes one can only find peace in acceptance....

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