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Cheerful, boisterous, solitary. On the surface, you may seem very shallow and careless, extremely selfish and over-confident. However, you’re also very deeply lonely, and try to hide it from yourself with a shell of arrogance, trying to believe that you don’t need anyone. Very self-reliant, you trust yourself more than any other, and wouldn’t hesitant to use others for your own gain, believing that they would do the same to you if given the chance. But you’re really somewhat afraid of people - of getting too close to others, caring about them, and being betrayed. You’re used to being alone, and pretend that you prefer it this way, but what you really want is to be accepted. You’re highly intelligent under that shallow surface, and use your natural charisma to get what you want from others. However, you’ll never be truly happy until you risk a bit of yourself, and realize that people can care about you without trying to control or use you. Those you do care about mean the world to you, but that doesn't mean you'll ignore it when they're being an idiot, and will be quick to point it out. You can also be playful and teasing, and quite a warm person when given the chance. Still, you remain afraid of never quite belonging anywhere, and are terrified of being left completely alone.

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