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Cold, rational, ambitious. A true genius, your frozen arrogance is only matched by your wits. You have a very heartless exterior that really doesn't get that much warmer under the shell. There are very, /very/, few people you care for, but those blessed few will have your utmost devotion. Honorable, despite your ruthless nature, you abhor cheaters and those who would sacrifice others for their own personal gain. True, you care little for most people, but you are not cruel - if only because most of the idiots of the world are not worth your time or consideration. You possess a keen sarcastic wit, but few are lucky enough to see it. You also have a sharp temper, and others are a bit afraid of you because of it. Realistic and logical, you struggle your hardest to overcome any problem, but do not whine or bemoan any failure. Incredibly stubborn and somewhat machine-like, your quick mind will analyze any problem and look for a solution. People who earn your respect are very few, and to you, having an equal to compete against is better than any weak pretense of "friendship."

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