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Devoted, impatient, determined. You're good at maintaining your shell of arrogance, when your self-confidence is in fact quite low. You take any failure very personally, especially when it involves letting down family or a close friend. You make yourself feel stronger by fighting, and are a physical, active person. But being a bully doesnít really increase your feelings of self-worth, and are really more suited to an honorable lifestyle. Very passionate towards your goals, your stubbornness (in some cases, simple thick-headedness) can be admired, even when itís for a less than wonderful reason. You're extremely protective of those you love, and show absolutely no mercy to those who would hurt them. Indifferent towards your own wounds, you don't care what it takes in order to save them. Self-sacrificing and brave towards most things - you also have an inborn fear of the unnatural, or things you can't control or understand. People often see you as being simple, a bully or a fool, when you really do have a strong mind under that careless exterior - when you remember to use it. Physical attacks are not the answer to every problem, but your intense loyalty towards loved ones eclipses any other faults.

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