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Soft, friendly, distant. The absolute king of denial, you push the negative aspects of your life aside and pretend they donít exist. Youíre scared of confrontations and avoid them wherever possible, and are something of a coward. When people suffer for your sake you feel guilty, but for the most part try to pretend nothing happened at all, and act fairly distant towards most, in a passive effort to prevent any further troubles. You are polite however, to those who would try to talk to you, and appear to be someone quite trustable. Your intentions are good, even if your will is weak, but when pushed to the limit youíre willing to sacrifice all for a cause. However, even such a sacrifice then might be selfishly oriented - for at least in dieing you donít have to keep up the pretense of calm unawareness. Youíre facinated by the occult world, and are truly quite morbid. People who meet you generally like you, but donít become close friends. Few can see or understand your hidden suffering, preferring only to see the sweet, fluffy exterior. Youíre usually forgotten and possess little of what could be considered real friendship. Youíre something of a tragic character.

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