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First Day of the Apocalypse

Representing "betrayal" and the loss of paradise.
Angry and proud, you are the one who comes first, the announcer, the messenger who gleefully imports your horrible news, taking pleasure in the anguish this knowledge causes. You care nothing for the opinion of others; if anything, you try to make them despise you as much as possible. Bearing absolute disgust for all those around you, you have no need for companionship, even distrusting it inherently. This comes from being created from the betrayal that exists within the world. Because you have great understanding of the nature of people, you're also quite good at setting them off against one another. You can be charismatic when you wish to be, though there is always an edge of cruelty to it, that you can never quite disguise - nor do you really wish to, having too much hatred towards all. At your core, perhaps lies a heartbroken, despairing corpse of a being, shattered beyond repair at having your world torn to shreds by those you cared about most. From this center, the well of Void has taken hold, and you exist now only to hurt, to cause as much pain as the sum of that which created you. And yet, despite your terrible grandeur, you are only the precursor, the beginning, the mad creature who imparts her knowledge with a poisoned smile.

The sight of you brings terror and guilt to the world, for it is through their recklessness, their cruelty and selfishness that brought about your existence. And from you, there can only be suffering.

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