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Element of Influence - Earth
Subordinates - Angst, Jealousy
Abstract - Stability
Positives - Motivated and Hard-working
Negatives - Ruthless and Possessive

Confident to the point of arrogance, you are the first one to stride into anything, and the last one to leave. One of the most upbeat of your brethren, it's not quite that you can always find the best of a situation - it's that you remain focused on whatever you want, and don't let anything get in your way regarding it. Unlike others, who may faulter or become torn, and suffer likewise, you are rarely plagued with such doubt. You care very strongly about many things, and can be trusted to protect them in any situation; however, this care can also be considered more than a bit selfish, and is definitely controlling - you want things a certain way, and demand that they be such. And often, the reason that you care so strongly is for your own benefit; however, you are usually open about your motivation, and when the situation allows, you prefer to have everyone benefit, being that things generally work out better for you if everyone else is happy as well. And your inherent stubbornness can be a blessing; unable to give up when things become unpleasant, you strive eternally for what you seek. Unfortunately, at times, this ability also causes you to destroy that which you desire, moving too strongly to obtain it. Still, your very strong nature can be of comfort to those who lack direction, and you're certainly going to be interesting. But at the same time, others may find you disturbing, or even frightening, scared at the near-ruthlessness of your actions, and single-minded intent.

Your element is Earth, representing solidity and the inability to give way. A crushing force, that both destroys obstacles, as well as defends allies, you are a powerful spirit that is dangerous to all. Though you are stable in the consistency of your intent, others may find it difficult to follow your intent, and are often startled by your actions. Never able to attain real peace, you only allow yourself to be momentarily bothered by that fact... there are too many things to attain to worry about being content....

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