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Third Day of the Apocalypse

Representing "memory" and the regret to be revisited in dreaming.
Secretive, you hide your true self from others, sealing it in a variety of forms. Any who look upon you, rarely are able to ascertain your real appearance and nature, generally seeing only a reflection of themselves. A reflection that you control, to twist into whatever depiction that you wish. You are excellent at manipulating the senses of others, and many are inexplicably called to detail all of their secrets to you. The sight of you awakens shame, the unpleasant reminders of past mistakes and miseries, never to be truly forgotten. You drag these poisoned thoughts back to the forefront, causing memory to take the place of the future. Locked into a past of unending pain, you destroy the hearts of mortals. However, you have become so skilled at doing this, these endless games of manipulation and ruin, that you have lost almost all sight of your own self. Unable to look in your own reflective mirror - out of fear of what you would discover about yourself - you pretend contentment in working over the lives of all about you. Eaten by your own image, you take cold comfort in shattering the pleasant dreams of the unwary. To those who see you, there can be no rest - only endless, lurking unease and fear.

After dwelling on the decay of the world, you are plagued with thoughts of how everything used to be, and how it can never be that way again. Crippled by loss, you only want to drag everything down into destruction along with you. You were created by the tragedy of remembrance, the knowledge that all good things that have happened can never occur again, and the guilt of misdeeds that can never be erased.

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