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Element of Influence - Darkness
Subordinates - Lust, Denial
Abstract - Fragility
Positives - Caring and Nurturing
Negatives - Shattered and Weak

Tearful and shy, you are the most emotionally unstable of all of them, all caused by the inherent agony of your emotion, and the pain it causes you to see it stained. You bear such a strong affection for the world, it hurts you, cuts apart you mentally to know that your affection is used for filthy purposes, is corrupted and abused. You, who's emotion is pure and perfect, can only cry and shiver in pure emotional anguish to see the suffering your existence causes. Therefore, despite how you long to be happy, and to make others happy, you attempt to hide away from the world, hoping that if you remain in hiding long enough, everyone will forget you existed, and won't be troubled by you again. Unfortunately, people remain drawn to you, even try to seek you out, despite the fact that only pain can come from contact. But you truly love, and adore everything - every action you do is for the sake of bettering others; you can only have the good of the world in mind. But in doing this, you've run your sanity into shreds; you care too strongly, you love too much - and it kills you inside to see that broken before you, casually discarded, derided and destroyed. And yet, you still cannot stop loving; you would sacrifice everything for the good of others... you would even be willing to kill, to destroy everything, if it would make the world's hurt disappear....

Your element is Darkness, representing the calming, enveloping shadows of affection, the peace to be found in loving surrender. You prefer to be surrounded in the soft embrace of darkness, which can hide flaws and ease pain - at least a little. Though you remain pained at the thought that some use your comforting darkness as cover for more twisted deeds, you wish the darkness would hide that knowledge away from you....

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