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Element of Influence - Nothingness (Void)
Subordinate - Faith
Abstract - Beginning
Positives - Logical and Polite
Negatives - Heartless and Manipulative

Quiet and polite, you have a smile ready for any who would try to speak to you. You are nothing if not friendly, even though you don't go out of your way to deal with others. This comes from your complete inability to feel emotion. More like a machine than any "living" being, you provided the first spark of existence, but ever since that point, you have become somewhat superfluous. You are something of an idea maker, the one who can most easily see what should be done in a situation (and not be blinded by the heart's motives in the process), and work steadily for the benefit of all. Yet, you are incapable of truly caring for any being, even yourself, and your skills towards ensuring survival for all are purely instinctive. The sun does not shine because it feels happy, but because that is simply what it does. This is like you as well. Those who still care for you take comfort in your inability to be rude, the way you will never try to hurt anyone on purpose. Those who dislike you usually do so because you are unintentionally manipulative, though your usage of people is for the greater good, than for any personal reason. But even if you're greeted with kindness or curses, you answer all with the same quiet smile.

Your element is Void, representing the Nothingness that your spark of existence came from. It is debated that the reason for mortalkind's ultimate decay, the reason madness and evil festers in all existence, is because since all life originated from you, they bear the mark of that corruption. You yourself do not suffer from this, because you are pure Nothing.

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