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Second Day of the Apocalypse

Representing "bitterness" and the insanity to be found in solitude.
Existence causes you pain. Having lost all, you've retreated from the world and its people. Silent but hateful, few who seek you out would care to remember the experience, and none would care to repeat it. You are the seeress of bad tidings, and have a great precognitive gift. Of course, you can only see destruction and pain - and, moreover, are cursed to be unable to speak of it. But the images remain with you forever, taunting you. This constant sense of knowledge has driven your personality to become quite unstable, and you have little patience remaining to you. In frustration you can only scream, the sound causing madness, foretelling death. Your voice, your ability to share understanding is otherwise lost to you. Unable to take the presence of other people, who only grate on your personality, you wander endlessly, driven by a pointless hope of someone eventually able to share the burden of agonized truth that you bear. An outcast and recluse of society, you otherwise shun it as fully as it has shunned you.

After the discovery and loss of paradise, the world is left only with immeasurable bitterness. The buried understanding of truth - that all mortalkind is alone, completely and absolutely separate from any other being - is what has created you. The desperation towards company, and the impossibility of being truly accepted, creates a core of madness at the heart of every being. Your existence causes this to bloom.

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