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Element of Influence - Air
Subordinates - Lethargy, Apathy
Abstract - Change
Positives - Refreshing and Objective
Negatives - Distant and Unfocused

Transient, everything about you is momentary. Whether you feel emotion, how strong it is, how it is directed - all of it is temporary, can never be trusted. But you lack the ability to care, moving from one thing to another with barely a thought to what you leave behind. It is not even true selfishness that motivates you (for any real motivation is something that you can never attain; motivation would imply that you care), but the sheer inability to feel anything consistently. And moreover, you just don't care, are often lazy, or at the very least, completely apathetic towards your condition. You notice things very well, and have the ability to be objective, but you can also be carelessly blunt. The distance you can provide can save the lives and sanity of those caught too closely to any other emotion, but the pain and damage you do to others is immeasurable, and many who come in contact with you fear you terribly. Some kill, and end things in destruction and hatred. Others save, attempting to aid with love and care. But you simply walk away without a word, or feeling, leaving nothing resolved and all edges raw. But you feel no need to explain yourself, even if you could. You are not a pleasure seeker, and can never be more than briefly entertained before leaving abruptly again, with all others cringing in your wake.

Your element is Air, the soft subtle breezes that are constantly moving touching all to some degree. You are a necessity of survival; feeling everything too closely would destroy sanity. But you can also be choking, can also kill when your currents are too severe. But you will go where you will, without a thought for anything. While others may fear the tears of Despair, or the embrace of Death, you are the true destroyer, more fearful than any of your brethren....

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