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Element of Influence - Fire
Subordinates - Dream, Happiness
Abstract - Future
Positives - Confident and Resourceful
Negatives - Vengeful and Angry

Spiteful and bitter, you are cursed mostly by your own nature. Emotions confuse you, and you both hate and adore the world and its denizens. On one hand, you loathe everything for misunderstanding you (there is no surer way to gain your scorn than to misconstrue anything you say or do), but you cannot bear to give any of it up. Though you bear great bitterness towards most everything, you cannot discard it completely, and have a deep rooted fear of being completely alone. Though you attempt to hide it (and do disguise it very well), there are some things you care very deeply for, and are immensely protective of. It is only to those few things that will be allowed to see anything softer than your standard, cold, vicious front. However, even your softer side isn't entirely pleasant, and is often gripped by a raw, intensely possessive and controlling feeling, that can become almost murderous in its intensity. You are nothing if not emotional, though most would see your actions as nothing but calculated sadism. You do have something of a cruel streak, but it is mainly brought out only in irritated spite from those who refuse to understand you.

Your element is Fire, representing your vivid, almost painfully bright existence. But your heat burns even yourself, as you are forced to maintain your own emotion. Locked within desperate dreams of the future, of an impossible wish for happiness, you continue to exist, hoping that perhaps... in the future... you won't have to be alone.

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