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Element of Influence - Light
Subordinates - Justice, Revenge
Abstract - Control
Positives - Driven and Self-assured
Negatives - Childish and Spiteful

Derisive and caustic, you force away any who would even think of becoming close to you, driving them away with insults and mocking laughter. You have strong, inherent disdain for everything in the world, and are incredibly selfish, viewing nothing worthwhile unless it benefits yourself. You will uphold anything, you will destroy anything - so long as it will add, or at least maintain to your own strength and power. You view yourself as being always in control, as being the master of a situation - yet when things begin to not go your way, you are likely to whine and complain, becoming sullen and almost child-like in your hatred. However, when something has truly earned your rage, your fury is absolutely matchless in severity, with an unearthly quality that is ageless. You have no need for other people - your disgust makes you disdainful of any company - and are content being left alone, disliked by all. You do enjoy setting people off against one another, causing arguments and strife. However, you become easily frustrated when some other emotion adds to, or takes the place of your hatred, not wanting anything to sully the purity of your anger. However, despite your immense arrogance, you also have an undeniable loathing for yourself, understanding your own weaknesses far too well, and hating not being strong enough, not being able to overcome all that you wish to. But at the same time, you loathe the world far more, blaming it as the source of your own insecurities.

Your element is Light, burning away lies and deception, sparing nothing, forcing all to be judged by the same ruthless force. You yourself can be blinded by your own light, but do not care, marching forward just as confidently as before. You are nothing if not self-confident (never to be confused with narcissism; you simply consider yourself to be the best of a filthy, worthless world), and unlike most, you have the ability to move forward even under great stress, while others would curl up in defeat. And eventually, you're determined to surpass everything, to gain some measure of self-worth....

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