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Fifth Day of the Apocalypse

Representing the "resignation" towards futility.
You are the beginning of the end, the final touch of the preparations towards Apocalypse. As the world has gone through many stages of pain, raging fear, tragedy and madness, you bring the closing touch of emotion, preparing all for the ultimate decay, and absolute silence. Your touch does not soothe, but only burns, and any who know you shiver and flinch from it. Unlike the others, you do not harm out of cruelty or amusement, but only because you believe that this is your preordained purpose. Others find you troubling, but none can find the heart to hate you for it, for it is clear that any action you take bears no ill will or malevolent intent. You have a very strong will, and are very intent on any motion you take, and to that extent, are rather inflexible. You can see only what you want to, and because of your powerful spirit, you reflexively force this Sight upon all - allowing no room for change or difference. You are not a leader, but nor are you a member of any group. You are what others look to, a fearful banner, knowing that now that you have been raised up, Nothing will reign evermore.

The world, exhausted by its frantic motions towards fighting off despair, now lies broken and unmoving. In this way, existence has prepared itself for your arrival; only at the point of death can your tendrils of cold flame spread fully, coiling about the hearts and souls of all mortal life, extinguishing completely any resistance or hope for the future. You quietly burn away all trace of dreaming, and even the presence of denial fades and falls from your terrible light. But even you cannot bring the End - you know your place as no one else can. Once you awake, only your form of "understanding" can be allowed to exist. The world lies breathless and waiting.

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