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Seventh Day of the Apocalypse - The Void of Original Selection
~ Goddess of Acceptance ~

Representing Nothing.
You are the peace to be found in non-existence. Once you have come into being, no other creature is allowed to exist, for your very essence negates all other forms of life. You are absolutely alone, cannot understand nor have the ability to understand what it is like to not be in eternal solitude. You are pure of any form of negativity, having no others to learn corruption from. In your eyes there is no sign of cruelty, of anger, of madness. In your world, pain and grief do not exist, for you do not know the words for them. Naturally, there is equally no kindness or affection in your gaze, for you likewise have never had the chance to see such emotions. You do not recognize emotion itself, for once you have arrived, all has gone beyond any chance of resurrection, and you gaze at all with an equally blind stare. Your acceptance of all goes beyond such a trivial thing as emotion, and as you clutch all before you, you bring the world back into Yourself. But since you Yourself are purest Nothing, this divine touch brings only the End. Eloquent and serene, you live in a state where your own voice is all that you can hear, and your days are filled with mindless ramblings that transcend and surpass understanding. Or, perhaps you do not exist at all. You question this, for only the sake of questioning. There is nothing as impure as curiosity in your words, for your knowledge is all-encompassing, even as your ability to understand it is Non-Existent.

It is unknown if you can truly perish. You might possess this article of truth, but you know of no one whom you could share it with. To you, there is only You. To bring Others into your sight would destroy them - for any mortal or immortal will becomes useless, reduced to Nothing, in the eyes of the Goddess.

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