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The Well of Rebirth and Emotion ~
Which Demon of Existence are You Aligned With?

1. Are you easily moved by witnessing emotional events?

Yes; but the slightest things can influence my mood greatly, setting me often to tears.
Yes; and the emotion I see is rarely positive, and the tragedy leaves me stricken.
No; on the rare occasion that I am, it's difficult to tell. Only those especially close to me can sense it.
No; if anything I regard other people's grief and emotion with derision. It is only in the rarest case that I myself am afflicted, and afterward I'll deny it.
No; I have seen too many things for the simple sight of emotion to affect me. I still have respect for it, but it personally does not affect me.
No; I'm not easily moved, but I can be in certain situations. And when that happens, I don't do anything to hide or disguise that fact.
No; I am unmovable, though I am polite, even friendly to those otherwise afflicted.
No; on the rare occasion that I am, it passes quickly, onto another, completely different feeling.

2. Are you world-weary?

Of course not; I can always find something to attract my attention, and the world is reborn to me.
More than that, I am world-hurt. I feel like I have seen too many things, and they still pain me terribly.
Yes; there is too much negativity and unpleasant aspects of the world, and I feel that all I can ever do is stand back and watch, helpless to even react.
No, for I am lacking in that capacity. I watch everything calmly, with no feeling either way.
No, though I am not blind to the agony of survival, and try to provide something of a comfort to those more stricken.
If I am, the feeling soon passes, to be replaced with yet another slight emotion.
Yes, but it's only led me to become bitter, lashing out occasionally at those I blame.
No, there's too much suffering and pain left to cause for me to become tired.

3. Are you concerned about the state of the world?

I am, and I do my best to aid it, even if it means putting it out of it's misery....
Only because it affects myself. If it had no influence on me, I wouldn't give a damn.
Passingly; I give it only an occasional thought or feeling, but most of the time I don't really care.
Yes, I worry much over it because there is so much that is ill. However, I know I can do naught about it.
Sometimes, but it doesn't get in the way of my own personal goals.
Yes, though I see it as it affects all things, and make little attempt to aid or harm. I am usually just the passive observer of it.
Unfortunately so, and I can see that it's only getting worse; yet I trust that as bad as it is, everything will eventually improve.
Yes, but I am very calm about it, analyzing the situation, and rationally coming up with ways to benefit it.

4. What is your view on War?

A good hobby, if the right purity of motivation is behind it! Without that, there's no point.
It is another sad invention, used only to increase the miserable state of the world, and will only continue to be so.
It is an unfortunately natural state of events, that will continue to occur so long as there is life in the world.
It is something that can be done for good or ill, and can be a very useful tool if utilized properly.
Of passing amusement, though I laugh at the people who claim they're doing it for the good of anyone, especially if it's over something as silly as religion or morals.
Very entertaining, a great way to show off strength and power, and to prove your might to others.
I don't like it very much at all, because of all the suffering and unpleasantness that occurs because of it. If people feel the need to be violent, why can't they take it out in more wholesome ways?
It comes, it goes, it comes again. That's about it.

5. If you were part of a kingdom, what would your role be?

The figurehead leader, who knows more of what's going on than the others think.
The diplomat and mediator, also a spy, holding everyone together, or tearing everyone apart with what words I bring, or deny.
The power behind the throne, always present, but rarely noticed.
A military leader, cruel and cunning, gaining power more for themself than for the sake of the kingdom.
A mercenary, who only stays as long as there is reason to.
An oppressed peasant, understanding their lot in life is to suffer, and nothing outside of that.
A beloved, but abused, courtesan who is privy to many secrets, but unable to share them.
A noble eagerly rising in power through both trickery and honest deeds, determined to continue to rise in stature.

6. Of these things, which do you dislike/hate most?

Being misunderstood, either my words and actions, or by simply being who I am.
Only that I sometimes cannot control the effects of my actions, and they end up unintentionally hurting others.
Being mocked, derided - looking like a fool.
Forced idleness, the inability to continue on.
Being left alone, both mentally and physically.
It changes depending on my mood; there isn't one set hatred.
I'm really not bothered by much of anything.
Change without warning, things occurring beyond prediction or understanding.

7. You're walking, and see a critically wounded cat on the sidewalk. It's clear that it will die soon. Your action?

Barely glance at it, and walk on by, almost immediately forgetting about it.
Laugh at it; you're alive and soon it won't be.
Pick it up, despite the blood, and walk around trying to find it's owners, mainly just to yell at them for their carelessness.
Stand nearby and watch, making no move to aid or harm, then quietly walking on once it's clear it has expired.
Gently but firmly snap it's neck, wanting to spare it lingering agony.
Kneel next to it, and try to keep it company, so that it wouldn't be alone while it died.
Curl up next to it, sobbing quietly, and remaining there for some length of time.
Rush it to a vet regardless, ignoring the certainty of its demise.

8. Which of these feelings or states of mind do you find yourself in the most often?

Soul-deep, shredding emotional pain, to the point of being unable to function.
Little other than the certainty of defeat, to the point of being unable to try.
Strong bitterness, and almost as strong anger.
Irritated and irritable, always looking for a reason to turn to full-blown rage.
Calm and placid, there's nothing that really feels very strong.
Unending desire, and need to accomplish more.
There is no "most often." I'll pick a new answer for each time you ask me.
A quiet, contemplative state, dwelling on various things.

9. Which of these things would you be most likely cursed for?

Carelessness; for never following through with anything.
Cruelty; but it's only because people are fooled by what they want to see, and miss the obvious.
Selfishness; but since I have it, that means I deserve to keep it.
Depressiveness; even though I'm not trying to make everyone else miserable....
Passivity; never standing up for myself, and am unable to do much for anyone else.
Irrationality; doing whatever I want, without thought of consequences.
Heartlessness; never relating to anyone, so how can one really care about them?
Unnervy; others can't help but be wary and mistrusting of one so outside their understanding.

10. Which of these things would others bless you for?

Sensitivity; trying to mediate, and smooth over rough feelings.
Objectivity; being able to see more than one side of a problem.
Gentleness; always kind, would be considered "good-hearted."
Rationality; intelligent, and able to find reasonable answers to most anything.
Resourcefulness; always able to make something from nothing, and never accepting failure.
Driven; able to believe in the self, and continue to move forward.
Loyalty; others know that you're not going to leave at the drop of a hat, or the moment things turn ill.
Reasonable; easy to get along with, generally content to go along peacefully with others

11. Which of these weapons would be most suited for you?

Whip; long reach, not only to strike out, but to hold, to bind.
Scythe; long reach, harvesting, not letting others get very close.
Garrote; careful reach, sharp and cutting, multiple, painful binding.
Staff; moderate reach, steady for both offensive and defensive purposes.
Anything innocuous; anything on hand can be used as a weapon.
Shield; no reach, unable to attack, only to protect the self and others.
Words; I don't fight, I only manipulate others to do so for me.

12. Companionship. Do you enjoy being around other people?

I used to, but once I realized that no one saw me as who I was, I learned to stay away.
I do, but I try to avoid people, as not to bother them.
Occasionally people can be of passing interest.
Sure, there's often a lot of excitement that you can only get by interaction.
It's nice, but it often makes me uncomfortable after a time.
It does not bother me, though I do not normally seek others out except for specific reason.
I don't mind it at all, but I'm not what you'd call social.
Hardly; I can only tolerate it if I can order them around, and they can do things for me.

13. Which type of area would you live in?

A bustling city, full of life and energy and distraction.
A quiet cabin, near a waterfall or a lake, in the middle of nowhere.
Deep in the forest, where only nature and growing things surrounds me.
Wherever my feet decide to take me.
I would travel constantly, but spend most of my time in poor, rural areas.
A mountain peak, quiet and calm in a frozen desert.
I travel anywhere, but prefer the largest, most powerful cities.
On the edge of suburbia, not wanting to be too crowded by others.

14. Which of these deaths would you most want to experience?

On the street, alone and filthy, death by chronic drug use.
A lost child, running away from an abusive family, only to be raped and thrown into a river by strangers.
Trekking through the forest, only to be pursued and eventually ripped apart by beasts.
While in a foreign country, captured by a militant faction and slowly tortured to death.
Severe old age, crippled in both mind and body, a husk of a being that eventually erodes completely.
A freak accident in which you're crushed by a revolving door, distinctly able to feel and hear your body snapping.
To be tossed onto your beloved's funeral pyre, and be burned to death.
I would prefer not to die, but only watch the decay and dying of any I would ever care about, over and over again.

15. Which type of video game would you most want to play/be best at playing?

First-person shooter. Just keep firing, and you're bound to hit something. Nice stress relief. Lots of gore.
Strategy. The more details to keep track of, the better.
2-Player Fighting. Simple, quick, mash buttons. Wait, there's combos?
Some sort of pet-raising sim. Especially if it's sort of cute.
Dancing/Singing, something with motion. It's fun to show off, and easy to get addicted to.
RPG. The fate of the world rests on you, and your set of stereotypical companions. It still beats real life.
I'd prefer a Table-Top RPG to anything on a console. Sucks the heart out of playing otherwise.
I think I'd rather read a book.

16. Which of these flowers do you have the greatest affinity to?

Marigold - Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy
Kudzu - You can never get rid of me
Poppy - Eternal Sleep, Oblivion
Hydrangea - Frigidity, Heartlessness
Narcissis - Confidence, Arrogance
Fern - Magic, Fascination, Shelter
Orchid - Beauty, Charm, and Refinement
Larkspur - Fickleness, Carefree

17. Everything seems to be falling apart around you. What do you do?

Give up, even as I realize that if I had done something sooner, this suffering might have been avoided. But I can't do anything now.
Struggle harder; I refuse to give in to defeat. Even if I lose now, that doesn't mean I can't win in the future.
Hide from it; only trying weakly to hold things together, I end up retreating so I don't drag others down with me.
Lash out; even if I can't fix the source of the problem, I'll take it out on anything around me.
Analyze the situation logically; if I think carefully enough, I'm sure I can find some solution.
Distract myself; I'll rely on others, and there's more interesting and pleasant things to be concerned about.
Ignore it; I wouldn't really care much, since there's more than one way to live in the world anyway. It wouldn't affect me.
Go to others; if I am helpless on my own, the insight and strength of companions might prove to be beneficial.

18. How emotionally stable are you?

Nearly completely unstable. I can break down under the slightest pressure.
Very volatile. Little things aggravate me far more than they should.
Perfectly; I'm careful to maintain equilibrium, since it's the healthiest state.
Nearly perfectly; others can rely on me to remain strong, but occasionally some serious thing might cause some alarm.
Decently; I can bear serious grudges, but I can function well with others, unless I truly, completely despise them.
Consistently unstable; I don't vary much, and though others may find me somewhat unstable, I'm used to it.
Generally stable; the majority of the time I'm perfectly stable, but if something difficult blocks me, I can snap very badly.
Not really; there are always many little cracks and problems with my stability, but since they're so common, I'm used to being beset by these issues.

19. Do you lie to yourself about your own faults?

No, for that would be detrimental. If something is truly a problem, then I will attempt to fix it.
No, even if it seems as if I do. It's only that others have a lot more problems than I do, and I see to inform them regularly of those faults.
I'm not sure; I know I have faults, and they worry me, and I do my best to keep them from hurting others.
I'm far too painfully aware of them, and I know that I cannot change them.
I ignore my faults; I try not to think about them, and usually refuse to acknowledge them if they're presented before me.
I'm able to have some admittance of them, but view them as just another obstacle that must be overcome.
I'm not aware of any major faults, and the minor ones can be dealt with as I see them.
I know they're there. I just don't care about them.

20. Where do you see yourself at Apocalypse?

Crouched weakly before it, but refusing to turn away.
Standing quietly, recognizing the fall of the world as something that could never have been stopped.
Curled in a corner crying, wanting everything to be peaceful, but not this form of it.
Standing spitefully up to it, demanding that it go away.
Trying to rally up opposition from whoever has strength left to them.
Going about my business as usual. Maybe I'll stop to watch.
A form of stricken, unable to decide whether this was supposed to happen yet or not.
Comforting those hurt, and providing as much comfort as I can, despite my own pain.

Don't skip anything!
Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial