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Element of Influence - Water
Subordinates - Truth, Loneliness
Abstract - Past
Positives - Protective and Gentle
Negatives - Depressive and Agonized

Silent and calm, you are trapped within eternal dull shadows. You have no hope for Death, no wish for improvement - only a quiet, absolute certainty of a downward spiral. Some consider you unemotional, and dislike and fear you because of it, but you are truly one of the most emotional of any. However, the strength of your feelings goes so far beyond tragic, is so wrought with unending pain and anguish, that you appear to be eternally the same, and few seem to notice (much less care) that you are always suffering. Because you are always in agony, the intensity of your emotion appears dull to others, though to you it remains sharp and painful. You are always alone, and though you long for contact that is beyond momentary, anyone who becomes remotely close to you is lost soon after, leaving you with only the pained memory of the encounter. You cannot wish for any of your pain to ease; you have no dream of a brighter future. You do not speak very often, and when you do, often wish that you remained silent; any who hear you usually flinch at the dark truth to your words, not wanting to be reminded of the futility of living. Even you yourself would rather not be forced to recall constantly the uselessness of existence, but you are lost within your own emotion, unable to find a way out of it, or even the bleakest hope that it could some day end.

Your element is Water, representing a quiet, powerful depth, and death-like chill. You are often surrounded by water, and those few who attempt to approach you will either drown or freeze in the depths of your black oceans. Trapped within your never-ending loneliness, you can only continue to suffer, knowing that any who would try to become near, will be lost soon after.

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