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Element of Influence - Spirit
Subordinate - Stigma
Abstract - Unknown
Positives - Understanding and Serious
Negatives - Cold and Unnerving

Calm and respectful, you look with the same quiet intent upon all others. You are quiet, though not silent by any means, and you'll respond as best as possible to any who would speak to you. You rarely speak out of turn, however, and you slip the mind of most people, for you're quite good at remaining in the background. You do not mind this, however, preferring to carefully watch the going ons of others, and in the brief moments when you do step forward, into the middle of a commotion, people stop to notice. You are an excellent speaker, and have great skill with words, and your ability to politely debate is unmatched. You're also very honest and realistic, and have a disdain for lying, even to spare another's feelings. You are not heartlessly blunt, however, and your voice and phrasing can make even the worst of pronouncements seem understandable instead of inexplicable, merely disturbing instead of outright terrifying. Despite this calming effect, and that others look to you as a form of leader, most can't help but be a little unnerved by how chilled your pronouncements are. You understand and accept this without rancor, and for the comfort of those you come near, you take on a variety of forms. Most mortals remain frightened of you, however, and shy away from any sight of your presence. You again, do not mind this too much, and regard all people with the same dispassionate stare, tinged with perhaps a small bit of cynicism. While Life is non-emotional, being a machine incapable of feeling - you are unemotional, all feelings evened out so that none affect you overmuch, and you can regard all with a rational eye.

Your element is Spirit, representing the new existence that your nature unlocks. While most mortals fear any touch or sign of your presence, you realize that you do not bring Void (which, instead lurks inside the hearts of all humanity, and may be the source of their eventual decay - both mental and physical), but instead a purity beyond understanding. As the bringer of death, you view yourself not as a murderer, or a reaper of souls, but instead the one who calmly guides the fallen into another plane. You yourself knows not what becomes of them - you have only your mission and reason for existence, and that is good enough for you. You are also the only known being who has not been touched by Life, and remains pure of any form of Void.

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