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It's infinity... only in a box!

What is here? Not really anything!

Just the basic core page. No layout, nothing fancy. Just a couple of links right now.

Yuugiou Duel Monsters Personality Test - For those people who find these things amusing (hell, I know I do....). Thirteen different results! Pictures! I warn that it's a long quiz, tho'. And though I plugged it on the quiz page itself: alanna's quiz tutorial. It deserves another mention for sheer usefulness. Because I sure as hell don't know JavaScript. And this place is wonderful enough to allow you to copy their easy-to-use format, and explains everything in understandable detail. I just edited the color and formatting (where I could/knew how to) to go along with my site style; the key parts of scripting I got here. I originally tried to make this quiz using Quizilla, but I believe the sheer length of it always crashed the editor, and I was never able to complete it. Didn't have that problem with Notepad. ^^

Apocalypse Demon Alignment - Anti-demons, really, these are the bringers of death and destruction to the world. All of the responses are pretty negative, so if you're sensative to that sort of thing, then I wouldn't suggest taking this. But if you don't let your life be dictated by an online personality test, then go ahead.

Existence Demon Alignment - Humanity is ruled by a variety of emotions. These feelings in combination with one another influence personality and behavior. It is said that at the beginning of the world there was no emotion. Then, when the legendary Pandora's Box was opened, all of the feelings in existence (both good and ill) were released. There are eight lords of emotion, however, who govern over all feelings. Though every human bears a combination of emotions within them, most find themselves drifting towards a specific one. It must be noted though, that each of the Demons bears their own personality, each which is deeply flawed by their core emotion. Each suffers because they are too pure in that one area. For example, Hope would be much better off if she was able to give up and move on. Love wouldn't hurt so badly if she didn't bear such affection for everything in existence. Etc. This personality quiz determines mainly which emotional flaw you have in alignment to a Demon. It's still more positive than the Apocalypse test.

All of this used to better organized. And one day, it'll be so again. Not for a while though.


(Abbriviation Legend for the CDs the tracks are found on:
D1 = Duel I
D2 = Duel II
SD1 = Sound Duel I
SD2 = Sound Duel II
SD3 = Sound Duel III)

Key Themes ~

Duel of Friendship - (SD2)
Very common (as the show goes on), yet extremely touching theme. Reminds me greatly of Yuugi and Jounouchi's friendship. A specific time it plays is when Jounouchi stands after being knocked unconscious by Ra's anger during his duel with Rishid. This theme plays very often around both Yuugi and Jounouchi. Extremely uplifting; one of the main "themes" of the series.

Anger of God - (SD2)
In my opinion, the greatest BGM within the series. I adore it to absolute death. Extremely grand sounding, majestic - you really get the feeling like you're before something much greater than yourself when you listen to it. Something beyond understanding or control, immensely powerful for good or ill - all you can do is watch, regardless. This theme represents perfectly that feeling of being trapped before terrible majesty. It plays numerous times, especially around God of Sun Dragon, Ra. It played when the Dark Malik used God Phoenix against Jounouchi. It played when Dark Yuugi used Ragnarok to defeat Dark Malik. It played when Raphael used Ayatos to defeat the Dark Yuugi. Without this melody, those scenes would be so much less - if you hear no other theme from Yuugiou, hear this one.

Duel of Souls - (SD3)
This... is definately up there with Anger of God as one of the most absolutely beautiful and amazing themes in the show. It's played numerous times, starting at the finale of the Doom Organization arc, when the true nature of the Legendary Dragons is revealed. Afterwards, it's continued to play through much of the Egypt arc, during most of the major battles. A very orchestrated BGM, in the same vein as Anger of God - it's extremely grand and lovely.

Darkness Themes - Battle Themes ~

Power of Millennia - (SD1)
A wonderfully dark battle theme. Starting out softly, threatening, it has a definite desperate edge to it, quickly adding up, and as the instruments add to the core beat, only makes it more frenzied, stronger, building up to a rush of energy and destruction. It's played numerous times, the most distinct for me being when Dark Malik used 1 Turn Kill against Bakura. It fit the scene perfectly, Malik's body dissolving as Ra becomes powerful, eventually charging up for the attack - Bakura's fear and Surface Malik's surprise - everything being covered in flames and disappearing....

Awakening of Darkness - (SD1)
An excellent piece of BGM. Played when the Dark Malik is fully awakened. Also played a great deal around Dark Bakura, especially during Memory World. The beat of this theme is very striking, the core of this piece, with the background instruments slowly gaining power but never threatening the main beat as the root of this theme. It's somehow disturbing to listen to, especially with knowledge of the scene where it's first played. This theme strikes me very strongly for some reason; as simple as it is, it's memorable.

Game of Darkness - (SD1)
A very lovely creepy theme. It's the official Game of Darkness music, though it seems to play mostly in those games hosted by the Dark Malik. The organ provides the main melody, with the occassional voice-like moan, and odd sound thrown in.... It represents the dark state of the Game very well, is otherworldly and almost sad. Not quite evil, more mysterious and... well... dark.

Character Themes ~

Jounouchi Katsuya - (SD1)
My favorite character theme in the show. It plays a lot in the series, especially during a duel when Jounouchi pulls off some highly successful, game-winning move. A very fast, extremely catchy tune that one just can't get tired of. I find myself putting this one on repeat... a lot. It represents the character very well, and the sheer fun of the melody can't be overlooked.

Noa - (SD2)
My second favorite character theme overall. It's hard to describe exactly what makes this so wonderfully beautiful to me, but I'll try. The melody, at it's heart, is very sad, nearly tragic, though the beat itself is not slow. The violin provides the key melody, and does it superbly.... It truly captures the deep sadness and lonliness of Kaiba Noa. Someone tragically killed at a young age, and then kept even more tragically "alive" in a computer. Yet his soul had not become lost in the transition, nor had his feelings. There's a defininte yearning to this music, representing perfectly Noa's desire to be truly loved and accepted again by his father, as well as to not have to be alone anymore. Sometimes I'm critical of the names given to some BGM (such as a battle theme entitled, "Battle" or a character theme with the character's name as the title), but in this case, "Noa" simply sums it up perfectly.

Mystery of the Millennium Ring - (SD1)
This theme was not what I'd expected when I first heard it. It's extremely Egypt-sounding, not evil at all. It has a kind of old grandness to it, a forgotten past that hasn't quite dulled, only become distant. An interesting piece; it's played when there's a lengthy description of either Egypt, or the Millennium Items.

Dartz's Theme - (SD3)
The theme to hear from the Doom arc. Oddly enough, the Doom Organzation arc of the series - which has no basis in the manga, and really has nothing to do with anything - has, in and of itself, the most wonderful set of BGM. And Dartz's Theme represents Doom like nothing else. It's very soft and beautiful, yet there's something in it that is an almost threatening sort of wistful. And depending on the scene it plays in, it is either a lovely backdrop, or horribly cruel - the velvet-clad dagger.

Raphael's Theme - (SD3)
A shame this theme plays so infrequently. But it's very rockish, with a steady, rather catchy melody. Fits Raphael very well - there's a piano amidst all the percussion and guitar, that takes on its own share of the melody for part of it. Strength and power, without sounding cruel. As battle music goes, this is amazing. And as a character theme, it fits well.

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