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The Void of Natural Selection
~ Which Demon of Apocalypse are You Aligned With?

1. Do you fear being alone?

I'm never alone, which is fine with me. I enjoy having people around to amuse me. So how can I be afraid of something that'll never happen?
Though I seem to be getting along fine, and have many friends, I'm not really sure what my place is. I'm afraid if people actually saw me, I would be left alone.
Fear it? I'm always alone, and I pretend to embrace it. It doesn't matter if I hate it or not - people can't be trusted anyway.
I'm constantly searching for a way to not be alone, though I believe I'll never succeed. The idea strickens me, and I pretend to ignore it, as if I chose this way.
I don't fear it at all, for I've already acknowledged it. That does not mean I accept it, but I'm beyond where it can trouble me.
I cannot fear it, for I feel that I have always been alone. How can I fear something, when I've never experienced anything except this?
I would not say that I fear it, for if I see that I am supposed to be alone, what else can I do but accept it? But if I am supposed to be with others, I will accept that too.

2. Do you travel a great deal (or would you, given the choice and ability)?

No, I prefer to remain in one place. It's more comfortable, and I feel better in surroundings I can control.
I don't like to travel, but I would if I could spread knowledge, and ill proclamations. In that case, it might be worth it.
I travel to a degree, because I enjoy seeing new things. But I never have to travel far to see new faces - I'm constantly running into new people!
Sometimes, I can feel myself called to a certain place. In that case, I would go. Otherwise, I would see no reason to.
I'm a world traveler, but not to see the sights. But I always find myself moving, because little can hold my attention for long.
I travel a great deal, searching for someplace that can feel like home. I've yet to discover it, and I doubt that there can exist anyplace where I feel I can truly rest.
I move at my own speed, called by nothing. I like to see new things, even if they're of only passing concern to me.

3. Do you enjoy giving others bad news?

What else is there to live for? I search for bad news, for any negative outcome.
Why? I do not think I would enjoy that, because I do not understand what the reason would be.
If I did enjoy it, it would be only for a moment. I don't really care enough, though I suppose it would sometimes provide a second of amusement.
I don't give others bad news directly, though I do enjoy inferring things, so that others will believe the worst possible outcome, all on their own.
I don't know, for I cannot. Even if I know the terrible outcome, even if I could find the words to describe it, no one would understand me.
It isn't something to enjoy, nor fear. If there is news that I am supposed to tell, then I will. It matters not if it is good or ill.
Sure, why not? But it's most amusing to see how others scramble about afterward, searching for something else to counter the pain.

4. Do you prefer subtlety over force/direct action?

I do, and to such an extent that I am nearly incapable of performing any direct action. I control and get what I want from the background.
Hardly; people are too dull to bother, most of the time. I'll hurt and tear apart them directly. Only if I view them with specific scorn, will I try a more indirect approach.
I don't really have a choice, since I'm not good at all at expressing myself. I can only use roundabout ways to influence events.
I'll do whatever's required at the time. It doesn't matter to me which it is; I'll approach either with the same feeling.
I don't usually have a need to be subtle, when direct motions are generally more effective. That, and usually I just don't care.
Subtlety? What's the point? I have no use for it; subtlety slows things down, and there's too much of a chance of losing interest, when that happens.
I don't see myself as being subtle or direct; I just... am. I do what I do, because that's what I do.

5. Do you have identity problems?

Likely, though I'd never admit it to anyone else. I would rather concentrate on others, so I can ignore and forget my own faults and shortcomings.
Possibly; I've only really known myself though, so I can't tell whether I have a problem with my view or not.
No. I see myself just fine, and others too damned well. I've learned to not lie to myself; you'll only risk being hurt otherwise.
I don't really dwell on it much. I think I understand myself, but I prefer to be distracted by the motions of everyone else.
Not really. I know who I am, and even if I'm not entirely happy with it, I know better than to tear myself apart to try to change it.
I cannot, for I don't really have much of my own identity. I worry more about what I'm supposed to be doing, than on who I really am.
No, for I've had more than enough time alone to understand myself. No one else will ever see or realize this, though.

6. Does your stability often crack, and have to reform itself later?

To an extent, because I get easily frustrated when people misunderstand me. I'm also annoyed whenever I can't find the words to express myself right.
I cannot crack, because events and emotions don't really have much of an effect on me whatsoever.
I can't remember it ever doing so, but I suppose it could. I'm a little worried about that, but I'm more concerned with getting everything I'm supposed to do done.
It's already cracked, and cracked to a degree that it can't recover from. I'm so constantly unstable that I'm practically used to it.
Eh? I can't see why it would crack completely; at worse, there is a long, thin, tear in it. A little irritating, but I can distract myself from it.
I don't allow it to crack, because I don't want to consider the impossibility of putting myself back together. Or, perhaps I'm already in so many little shards, I cannot tell.
At most, I feel only a small twinge. More of a creak than a crack, for I don't usually feel strongly enough for anything for it to be able to break me.

7. Do you find yourself pursued, or sought after?

Constantly. People can't help but be drawn to me, and most of them seem to like what they see - sometimes, to the point of obsession.
When I want, others are drawn to me nearly against their will. But this rarely happens, for I normally act to keep everyone away.
Almost never. At most, people have passing curiosity of me, before moving away in disgust or fear.
People come after me when they're most interested in themself. But at that point, I make sure they never find exactly what they seek.
Not very often. When our paths cross, there is more often neutrality than any other emotion. Everyone moves towards their own ending.
Occasionally, but what's the point? There are so many people in the world; a few trivial relationships affect nothing.
I cannot tell. It doesn't matter to me whether others are around or not. I don't really notice.

8. Are you easily contented?

Never. How can I be, when there's still so much to see and do and obtain in the world?
I am always content, I believe. I've never known anything other than this state, so I've never seen any reason to be anything but content.
How can I be? There's too many fools and idiots in the world. How can I be contented when they're all still around?
I pretend to be, because I can keep myself entertained by pulling the strings of others. Whether this is true contentment or not, I try not to consider.
I wouldn't describe myself as content, but more careless. I'm not entirely sure what I want, or how to get it, and I can't care enough to really worry about it.
Impossible. I can't find peace so long as I remain misunderstood. I thrash about in my mind, but am never able to find the words to lead me to contentment.
Though I'm not troubled, I'm not really content either. Maybe there's a constant, low-level worry... but I'm alright so long as I can keep moving forward.

9. Would morality keep you from pursuing what you desire?

I don't really desire much of anything, except to do what I'm supposed to. Morality doesn't apply to me.
When morality doesn't stop others from being heartless and cruel, why should it stop me in my own goals?
I define my own morality; some people would call my actions terrible, but to me they are normal. I have my own set of rules, to break and follow as I wish.
I have surpassed morality. My actions are not evil nor good - they are simply my own.
Ignoring it generally works best for me. For that's what works with troubling things - concentrating on something else.
Morality is a set of rules written by someone else. When they get in the way, I can rewrite them any way I wish. I can make anything moral.
What I desire is impossible. Though if it were, I would do anything to obtain it, moral or not.

10. Do you have delusions of grandeur?

I would hardly consider them delusions.
Do I realize that I am influential? Yes. But that is only a statement of fact.
No, I know what I am, terrible or not. And I'll lord any superiority over everyone else.
I am not deluded of anything; I can only see things as they are, including myself. That doesn't mean I understand, but I can't see anything false.
Seeing myself as greater than I am would only be a detriment, for eventually I would stumble. I would avoid such delusion.
Perhaps, though my own faults are nothing in comparison to what I can bring out in others. My own flaws become insignificant, then.
I'm arrogant, though it brings me no joy. It's not that I'm better than everyone - it's just that I hate everyone.

11. Do you specifically seek to have power over others?

That is my purpose in life. I use others to provide my own self-worth.
I don't have to seek it - people volunteer themselves to me, to use them for as much as they're worth.
I just want to avoid everyone, except to cause harm. A chance for revenge I would not pass up, and I'll happily control any who'd dare to abuse me.
Only if it would advance whatever my plans are. If I need people, then I'll use them. If I don't, then I won't.
I couldn't if I tried. My nature is too grating for most, and I scorn too much to bother to try.
The idea might intrigue me, but I wouldn't see the point in trying for it. I'm strong enough on my own.
For passing amusement, perhaps. But for the most part, I just wouldn't care enough about people to try.

12. Are you inflexible?

Rigidly so. I take what I believe as the absolute truth. I'm not easily offended, but I honestly can't understand when people feel differently.
To a degree, in that I believe what I believe. But I rarely feel strongly enough to be unable to shift opinions if I had to.
It's not so much that I'm inflexible, but that I've never seen any other view than my own. I don't know what would happen if that were to change.
In my own views, I am rather set in my ways. But I am flexible in how I deal with people; everyone has different ways to be manipulated, after all.
No, it's just that I'm the only one I can trust. I'm only inflexible in my regard for all other existence - that it's worthless and filthy.
Though I don't want to be, it often seems as I am, for I can find no way to be other than I am. Even if it's the cause of my suffering, I can't change it now.
I can't be, considering that I'm willing to try anything, be everything, and own anything. I'll listen to anyone, and piece together my own beliefs from fragments of the world.

13. Which of these occupations would you take, if given the chance?

Corrupt Politician
Diseased Prostitute
Sly Telemarketer
Suicidal Terrorist
Human Vegetable
Disgruntled Retail Employee
Human Sacrifice for an Underground Cult

14. Which of these emotions or traits are you most opposed to?


15. Which of these mythical beasts' power would you like to possess the most?

Banshee - to predict death and cause madness.
Salamander - energy and power to cause destruction.
Siren - to destroy through song and charm.
Roc - immense strength to create awe and fear.
Griffon - honorable and painfully stubborn.
Kappa - yes, drag the unaware to their death.
Oruborus - to have the beginning be also the end.

16. Which of these real world beasts do you feel the strongest affinity to?


17. Which reason to die would you choose?

Death for a cause. I will be content if this will advance my beliefs and my work.
To understand. What I cannot see clearly in living, perhaps I will gain a better view in death.
I have no reason to die, but if it's forced on me, I would die laughing and mocking all those that I despise.
To stop awareness. Being conscious of constant misunderstanding and suffering is a tiring burden. Maybe my death will express my thoughts better.
I'd rather not, but I'd try to go out in a blaze of glory, so that none will forget me, and I'll survive in legend and song.
I would only allow myself to die if I could ensure that I could return, somehow. If I don't, my captives' ties will slip.
When what little curiosity I have left for the world is killed entirely, I will die. Fate is far too predictable, anymore.

18. Which life dedication suits you the best?

Misery. I'll make sure everyone suffers at least a fragment of what I have.
Work. Dedication is my life blood. Without the purpose that has been given to me, I would be lost.
Dominion. I'll control everything within my grasp, and in such a way to let them not even realize they serve me.
Articulation. Someday, I will get my words across.... Someday, I won't be mocked, I will be understood.
Distraction. Make myself, make the world forget what it doesn't enjoy, and focus entirely on the more desirable things of life.
Destruction. What is made must eventually fall. Why let it crumble and rot; I'll give the world a clean death at its prime.
Absolution. It does not matter to me what has happened. I'll let everything go to rest, and be forgotten.

19. If you could kill any one "type" of person - to extinguish all of this trait from the world - which would it be?

I do not know, for I see all people as equal. I suppose that type could be chosen to die.
It doesn't matter to me. Even if I could kill all of one set, another one of equally worthless nature would take its place.
Those that use others without thinking, for purely their own benefit, and who would discard the broken shells later.
Those of blind beliefs, who are so focused on their own words that they cannot think to hear anyone else's.
The extras of society, who do not provide a definite purpose or use, and only serve to poison and weaken the whole.
Simply anyone who gets in my way, whom I deem an enemy.
The ones who are too broken to use. The mindless mental wrecks, who are too insane to be controlled.

20. How will you greet the Apocalypse?

Laughing madly. Dancing, if I have the strength.
Looking away from it.
Grinning eagerly. Probably striking a dramatic pose.
A long, backwards glance, before walking off.
With hope and curiosity.

Have you answered all the questions?
Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial