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Fourth Day of the Apocalypse

Representing "desire" and the sorrow of confused longing.
Reigning over the discontented, you scorn anything that has dared to insult you, or otherwise earned your disgust. No one understands you, what makes you stand out, what makes you both hateful and lovely. You are widely loathed and blindly loved - and often, it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. But though your visage promises eternal happiness, to see you is to bring a curse of misery. Forceful and powerful - there are none who have looked upon you who are not later plagued by the memory of the sight. You are everything that can be desired, everything that can be wanted, everything mortalkind believes that it needs. It matters not whether the desire is for "good" things - honest deeds, the pleasure to be found in helping others, the giving of aid - or of things of darker intent. You govern over all and laugh, for there are no survivors of your onslaught. Whether you chain others with kindness, or with promises of control and mortal flesh - all result in the same outcome - eternal discontent. For everything can never be possessed, there can never be an absolute control, a perfect act of kindness, there is always the drive for more, for additional exploits, for further gains. You are the leader who drives these emotions onward, and the world has impaled itself on your twin lances of Want and Need. Everyone throws themselves at you willingly, to get merely a glimpse of your absolute ---

After the torture of regret, your existence presses blindly forward, but only into further ruin. Contentment is only a cruel dream, and you shred to ribbons any hope for peace. Even your own motivations are unknown to yourself, and you scurry in a frenzy of movement, knowing that once you pause to rest, the weight of your useless existence will crush you. You are the master of rationalized intent, and can justify any action. However, you are a being of only sorrow, causing the world to dance itself into exhausted death.

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